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Up to now there are 2 CCTV standards in the Video Surveillance market. These standards give us the tried and tested regular PAL/NTSC Camera/DVR and the newer Network IP camera/NVR systems. Both systems have their strengths and when applied properly is a great security and management tool.


There is now a third standard and it is creating a lot of excitement in the Security industry. It is high definition video surveillance or simply HDcctv. HDcctv is a digital transmission of uncompressed HD quality that gives true live view 720P and 1080P video. HDcctv uses the same HDTV standard in the Motion Picture Broadcast industry and therefore produces the same clear crisp HD pictures that you get on your television sets in your living rooms.


There are lots of pluses with HDcctv. It uses regular coax cabling which is already in place in existing CCTV systems. This makes it easy and cost effective when upgrading to HDcctv from regular video systems. Many users want to maximise their video surveillance footage with megapixel pictures. Before HDcctv this can only be done with an IP system that some customers are hesitant of because of potential network and bandwidth issues. With the advent of HDcctv the customers can now go megapixel without going IP.


Whether it be Regular, IP or HDcctv it is clear that each has its place and plays an important role when employed in the right settings. At Mckinley we are here to help you make that informed choice. So feel free call us for a no obligation consultation of your security camera needs. As the cliché goes...Don’t pay too much and get too little!

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