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New Construction and Renovation

We ensure superior quality workmanship and work to the highest electrical standards in all projects we undertake. Experienced in commercial projects including tenant improvements -- office, retail store, treatment facility, school or restaurant you want to talk to us! Call today for a competitive price and the peace of mind, knowing we will work with you, your project manager, other contractors and others who you may designate to manage and complete your project on time and to our high standards of quality and safety.



Nothing is more important for safety and to save you money than the proper maintenance of your facility. Mckinley Electric will provide you with professional service on time every time. We can arrange a 24 hour on-call service contract with you and can provide you with ongoing and longterm service. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients and will be happy to provide you with a competitive and comprehensive quote for service. Whether your job is big or small we guarantee timely cost-effective and quality service.


Data Wiring Installations

We provide services for data wiring installations. Service include installation of your data cabling and installation of complete data systems. McKinley Electric is your one source for all your power and communications requirements.




New Construction

At McKinley Electric Ltd. we have expertise and proven success in supplying complete electrical systems for your new industrial building.



Our focus is to supply small to mid-sized industry with full electrical services. We will work with our clients to help them grow their business through a smoothly operating electrical system. Downtime costs money even in a small industrial operation, this can be especially challenging for business owners when there are no fulltime maintenance electricians on staff. McKinley Electric will arrange a 24-hour service contract with you to provide superior services in troubleshooting and maintaining your electrical systems helping you avoid those costly delays and downtime.


Automation and Design

In today's world almost everything is automated. McKinley Electric has the skills to troubleshoot many different types of automated systems. Not only can we keep you going, we can speed you up! We can help our clients to improve productivity and eliminate costs through our knowledgeable service.


Talk to us today about your automation requirements and let us save you time and money with a system that runs smoothly and efficiently. We can help you automate your process or work closely with a design consultant to ensure you get what you need for the success of your business.


Panel Building Services

We have the expertise to put together a professional looking panel supplied complete with lamacoid labels and drawings. Contact us today for more information.


Single Family

McKinley Electric has been involved in the design and wiring of large single family homes. From your dream home on the ocean to your chalet on the lake we know how to make your house shine! We specialize in taking the time to understand your needs, study the layout and function and provide you with customized service that meets the needs of your family and lifestyle. We strive for excellence.


Residential Development Projects

We have proven experience and success in larger projects for homes, townhouses and condominium units. In fact one of our first major contracts was a successful 41 Unit Townhouse project which completed on time, on budget and to our high standards of quality and service.


Whether its 41 units or 3 units we can meet your needs and ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. Call us today to learn more and let us contribute to your success.

Energy Efficiency
Security Systems

Planning for the future without Loss of Investment

McKinley Electric is pleased to offer the following surveillance and electronic access control services. We invite you to contact us with any questions or comments.


Services Include:

Saving you money on your industrial or commercial site.



As an approved BC Hydro Powersmart contractor we work with commercial and industrial business to find ways to eliminate inefficient lighting and systems. We work with you to redesign, retrofit and upgrade your facility to maximize energy usage and cost savings.


BC Hydro’s PIP program through the PIP program we work with clients in manufacturing and industrial facilities to save them thousands annually on power costs and to upgrade their facilities while taking advantage of grants and rebates through BC Hydro’s PIP program


BC Hydro’s Partners Program*

Through the Partners program we have been highly successful in saving our clients thousands and creating energy savings and a quick pay back through efficient and creative design solutions, our knowledge of power monitoring and analysis and our partnership with BC Hydro. We help you qualify and apply for maximum savings and implement the energy upgrades quickly, efficiently and with maximum benefit to you and your business.


*Facility must save over 50 kwh annually in order to qualify for the Partner Program


Energy Audits

All Powersmart projects begin with an energy audit.

  • We provide you a free initial audit for your commercial or industrial facility.

  • We provide you with a complete analysis of your current power consumption, lighting and a clear understanding of the potential for reducing your energy costs.

  • We provide a firm quote for the required retrofit or upgrade to your facility.

  • We provide an easy to understand ROI sheet which clearly spells out costs, grant opportunities and payback amounts and timeframes.

  • We offer additional value add services such as: improved lighting design and long term planning.

  • We go above and beyond by using our expertise to recommend and perform customized changes and upgrades that can maximize your long term paybacks, and increase lighting levels and productivity within your plant or offices and make ongoing maintenance simpler to do.


Power Monitoring and Analysis

Our services for your commercial or industrial site include Power factor Correction, Power consumptions monitoring, and equipment performance monitoring.


Power Factor Correction

Been getting extra Power factor charge on your Hydro bill? Inductive reactance causes a lagging power factor in your electrical system. This lagging power factor causes an increase in energy consumption costing you money in energy bills and in penalties from BC Hydro. We help you understand and correct the Power factor reducing your costs and avoiding penalties.


Power Consumption Monitoring

We provide power consumption monitoring for plants, factories and workshops. Understanding your power needs and trends over time can help you avoid costly power consumption spikes and help you manage your production costs and power consumption effectively. Our state of the art equipment provides and accurate and detailed analysis of your power usage.


Equipment Performance Monitoring

We monitor your machines and key equipment over time to measure trends in power use and to help you determine needs for maintenance and upgrades. This can save you thousands and keep your equipment as energy efficient and well maintained as possible ensuring long life and reduced power consumption.

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